Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday 20th November 2009..Art Challenge!

I have been having a tough time trying to do my art. I have a lot of ideas but some how l can't get get it down on paper! But l will not give up trying, blocks only last so long!! In the mean time l write my ideas down and keep taking images! Todays images are two beautiful autumn leaves on interesting textured pavements.

Just love these two images and l have  many ideas of what l could do with them. Simply paint them, use the images to journal with, do some work on the actual images with Photoshop and lastly collage work. All l need to do now..IS JUST DO IT lynda!!!!


  1. Hi again,

    Yes, I agree just DO IT - I have recently been writing about doing it (latest post) and take my own advice. I have tried to get loads of things done over the weekend so that I can just DO IT myself, so tomorrow is meant to be a day of making. . . . .let's hope I can do it!

    I love the leaves on textured images, you could make these really bright!!



  2. not sure what you mean about the challenges ..? I've only been blogging for a while & getting back into art - I see some challenges on different blogs & sometimes join in.

    It's so time consuming & I get guilty & worried about the state of the house - dirty & untidy ! but I love blogging and so needed to get back to some art work.

  3. Hi Lynda Your blogs are so interesting. My mind goes on overload with ideas and so I start lots of stuff and then they become a challenge to finish. Ps. It's Raining in St. Ives. bye from Carol

  4. what beautiful images!! those blocks can be frustrating. perhaps starting with something super small and easy will help you move through it (that usually helps me move through my own blockages.) (((hugs)))