Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pear shaped!

At first l was doing this as a art project, then thought about my challenge...The Body...Some woman have a body shape called Pear Shaped!!! In other words big hips.


Name Tags with a difference!

I saw this idea for Place Settings on TV,  a couple of weeks ago and decided to have try. The pears on the programme were decorated with edible gold but my gold isn't edible! The main reason l chose not to use edible gold was it could cost £25 to do 8 pears!!!!.  So as much as l love my family...that is a little over the top for name tags for the table!! I used them for a Christmas Day Table Dressing but they could be used for any celebration.
The pears l used, were not perfect and a bit past their prime but great if you only need them for a day or two. If you want to do them days before hand, then use hard pears. Firstly, l coated the area l wanted to gild with gold, in egg white, using a pastry bush or paintbrush, Then carefully layer the gold on, pressing it gently against the pear and lift off backing paper. Then leave to dry. The labels can be anything which can go over the stalk or tied to the stalk. So simple but when all together on the table, looked stunning and so easy to make.!

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  1. Lynda - you posted on Sunday Postcard Art about wanting to join. Simply create a piece that fits the requirements (6" x 4") and the theme for the week(open theme this week). Post it here on your blog, then link that page onto the corresponding Postcard Art page. My blog list lots of other challenge sites for you to try!
    And well done for trying to do some art each day - certainly a challenge for any of us!
    *cheers* Michelle