Thursday, December 31, 2009

The rogue mask!

I considered the images l take each as Art. If there are some of you out there that think differently to me..l am sorry but we could lways discuss it over a virtual cup of coffee! Anyway l just had to post todays image because it made me but also laugh. Once you have seen it, l will explain why.

I saw this on the pavement outside a Bank in Putney. At first l thought someone had made a mask and then dropped it.. Then looking more closely, realising that it was actually was a McDonald's bag. The rogue of fast food! Ha! This gave me an idea about using these bags to have a class on mask- making from Fast Food Bags for one of my children's sessions.. Um..have to think on that one. Could be a fun session. This also made me think l could make the masks and talk about healthy food ect at same time.

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