Saturday, August 21, 2010

A quick question...then my Art!

Question..why do l blog my Art? If nobody sees my work, does it matter and if it does..why? I have been asking myself this question quite a bit lately? So why do l want people to go to my blog and see my Art, mainly because l am going back to trying to sell my work once again.  When l have sold my work before, it has been in other countries and started by word of mouth and then into many galleries. Twelve years or so ago, after l had been back a while, l went to quite a few Art Galleries and card shops and was trashed! First of all, trying to get to see gallery owners was hard work and then when they considered my work  called it "Craft" and not Art..not worth showing. After being in a situation where l was considered a talented Artist and not being able to produce my work quick enough for all the clients that wanted my creations, l was confused and upset at their attitude!
My ego was bruised l suppose and l was very down and depressed. I should have worked hard, l now realise but at the time l was to bruised and upset, to carry on. Also, l didn't have a group of Artist friends around me, to support me, which all artists know, is very important.  I am not feeling sorry for myself,  honestly!!...just trying to sort out how l feel about starting to sell my work again!
So ..what is my answer..why do l blog my Art? These are my answers, so far. I blog my Art to help me keep making Art, to see my work from a distance, as others see it and also it helps me to keep a record of my Art and how l create it. If no-one sees what l am doing, that's ok but if l want to sell my Art...things have to change! End of thought process!!
I did some more work on my green journal page last night, when l had a few mins to spare. I used a stencil and made circle patterns, using an oil stick in the colour of silver. I discovered that the oil sticks can be used and spread for a long time...while it dries. Had a lot of fun and discovered so much more about oil sticks and keep on learning ..amazing Art medium.
The first image is the double spread before l put the oil stick pattern .

This is the double spread with the oil stick on it.
I found it very interesting that the oil stick on the left hand side of the page...showed up much more on this page, l suppose it is because it is lighter and not so textured.
This the right hand side page...blends in more to page and appears more part of the image rather than just on top of it.
I am learning all the is so much fun! Try it sometime my friends....xx

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