Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No 3 of 15 Robin Robin Journal books!

I have just finished and will post tomorrow, the next round of my 15 month Round Robin Journal. This book was called "Heavenly Garden" and was the third of 15 books! I am having fun but it has taken a while, to get used to working in someone elses book. What if l make a mistake and spoil their book?... what if l drop coffee on it and ruin it?.... what if.........nerve racking!ha.
The image below is my version of "Heavenly Garden".


  1. Wow Lynda, Love it. I share your trepadation of working in other peoples journals. May that's why I don't do them till it's nearer posting time. This is a lovely piece of art.
    -Gabby x

  2. Beautiful pages! I understand being a tad fearful about working in someone else's journal, but it looks like you have gotten over your fear!