Monday, August 23, 2010

Ruby Tueday images for 23.08.2010


Saw this pole while out in the mini yesterday!Not sure what it is exactly, maybe an electric sign post?
My daughter-in-law's first attemp at jam making.
Dying some white cotton material with a stitched flower on it, in blackberries, which l picked that evening! Very pleased with the end results.

One of my silk painted cards.
My son working on his beloved Land Rover, while wearing his red socks!
The last image is of a bus stop in Clapham...the usual ethnic mix in London.


  1. The silk painted card definitely takes the price.
    It's got that professional touch any painter would give year of her/his life to get.

  2. oh thank you so much.xxsend me your address and l will send you a card. my email is

  3. Lots of lovely red and I love the first photo the most, it's a Dominos piece,right?

    Thanks for visiting my Ruby Tuesday

  4. LOL! Love those red socks sticking out from under the Land rover!!

  5. you have nice sets of ruby tuesday pictures. lots of pretty RED in here! yay

    thanks for dropping by my blog!

  6. Both the jam making and the dying of the material looks quite ambitious. I'm not sure I'd try either one of those adventures...
    I had to smile with the red socks on your son. It's just a neat picture!!!

  7. Many RT photos and they are nice everyone. Thanks for sharing. Thank you for visiting me.

  8. very nice collection of rubies.The jam looks good.
    My Ruby Link is here for you

  9. I think the first photos is a solar panel. Your choices are awesome! Thanks for the visit!
    Ruby Tuesday