Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some work on my Journal Spreads!

To-day l will show you the two page spread on the yellow pages l have created and the beginning of my green double spread! Really enjoyed myself doing these. begin with paint with yellow and red acrylic and a few bits of elderly storybook pages.

Then l added two sorts of ABC stencils...sat back and looked at it.... had a coffee, looked some more and then added stencil people. Another coffee break!
Looking at this image for some resaon reminded Tony and me of Second World War images..not sure why. Suddenly realised l need a clock, one that was broken, and part of a cobweb stencil!!! Sometimes l wonder where these ideas come from..they just seem to "be there" in my mind!! Not complaining you understand! Now... it's finished. Finished page with the mess of my Art table surrounding it!!! not a tidy Artist l'm afraid!!!!
The second page of this double page spread. I felt l wanted to do something to do with Nature.
I drew some circles which reminded me of rain and flowers. Um..where to go next?
I drew some flower shapes, painted them gold and then remembered l had some suede flowers somewhere in my messy studio!! I affixed these by using decorative flower brads. Then l made some wire flower shapes, paper underneath and hey! Added some clear plastic, flower circles. Made some leaves out of "pretend" suede wallpaper ( samples from a wall paper shop) and added a few squiggles. Something break need. Ah...a stick on card with words to do with Nature on it, stuck at bottom on left hand-side of page. Finished!
I am now on to my double spread page in green and yellow! Working on the left-hand side of the spread. I used a circle stencil and used a silver, oil stick to make the pattern. This side of the page, the circles look as if they are sitting on the page, rather than sinking into the paint, as on the other side.
Here l think you can see what l mean, about sitting on the paint.
I felt l wanted another texture on some of the page. So l used a piece of soft, net like paper from a flower bouquet! Then, on to that l stencilled the words FEEL, HEAR and TASTE. The word FEEL, has a piece of card next to it from a tablet box. On this box there is some braille = touch!
A close up of this area will, l think,  show you the Braille dots! Not sure where l am going next. For the first time for a long time, seem to be going with my feelings rather than thinking about it before l start!!

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  1. love seeing your journal colorful and fun!