Thursday, August 26, 2010

More journal work..l am on a roll guys!

Did some more work on my green/yellow "Sensation" (left hand-side) spread. A piece of Indian red cardstock with raised gold spots on it for more "touch" sensations. Today, my very good friend Dayna ( sent me a wonderful paper braille book. Thanks Dayna xxx. I am going to be 'Altering" the actual book, but took a center page out to play with.
This is the piece of braille page l talked about above. Have you ever tried to feel what it would be like to  read this?....believe is NOT easy. You must develop very sensitive finger tips.
I have been really busy where my journal pages are concerned..SO many ideas. This next spread is purple! Lots of layers so far but not sure where it is going yet. At 3am this morning l didn't like what l had created, it felt disjointed and messy; now...l rather like where it is leading me!
The left-hand page is starting off with the newspaper that l used to keep the other page clean! l ripped this newspaper page up and arranged it haphazardly and glued them in place.  I rather like the way the word "miss" stands out!  Where next?...who knows?


  1. This is wonderful! Yes, I have felt braille and I agree that it is NOT easy to sense the differences in the dots with your finger tips.