Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some really "interesting" dyeing experiments.

I was so excited the other day, on one of our walks, that l had found this rusty piece of scaffolding equipment lying on the side of the road.....Tony just "sighed" ha! But look what it produced when silk is wrapped around it and steamed for 1 hour!!!!

 Isn't it amazing?...even Tony was impressed! Ha!
 Closer inspection.

Yeh...actual "leaf" pattern...Tony will be pleased. He "likes" my patterns but is always asking "why can't l see the leaves?".

 Think this will make him happy!

 Who would have thought paper clips could make such a pattern!

 The way the elastic bands have left their mark on the silk reminds me of leather.
 This pattern reminds me of the skin of a giraffe!
More bundles to unwrap tomorrow..l am so loving this!


  1. well you have some fabulous results there - I look forward to seeing the product of all the dyeing or are you dyeing for dyeings sake!

  2. Hi Lynda - this is Penny from tanglewood Threads - thanks for visiting. Your bundles are unfolding beautifully - very impressive.

  3. How talented you are Lynda! And how fun to find your other blog. I have your 'chocolate' one on my regular visit list (google reader) but somehow hadn't picked up this link.

  4. Your work is so very exciting!!...I was a textile artist/dying/printing etc etc in another life.