Monday, December 20, 2010

A Robin, snow and dyeing!

Today we have had no more snow but it is still around.(great!) This robin in the birdfeeder, was the only bird l saw on the way to town today. I stood and watched him for a while, didn't want to get to close or he would have flown away. I really love robins..
Right..more results from my Eco dyeing. The yellow below was the first dye boil from white onion skins. Really pleased with it. This is on white 100% cotton.

This is one of only two ofpieces of interesting silk pieces that was created by wrapping and boiling  in seaweed. The beige base is from tea which l redyed the piece in to try and add some depth to it.Quite pleased with the end result.
This is a piece of the bedspread soaked in tea and then boiled for an hour. The dark brown on some of the embrodiery is l think from the aluminum saucepan it was boiled in.
Dyed white cotton embrodiery and tea.
This piece of the bedspread was dyed in tea first, then beetroot was placed on it and it was made into a bundle and steamed .....Find it very hard to keep the red/pink colour when using beetroot...any ideas welcome!!! Still quite interesting though.
The next image is of some of the dyeing experiments l have created and they are waiting tobe used in quilts, an embroidery piece and so on. Really am excited how it is all progressing.

This piece of silk is the result of steaming a bundle with seaweed in it. Interesting but NO wow factor!

This next piece is a piece of silk which was wrapped round rusted tins and steamed....just love the end result.
A piece of silk which was wrapped round Red onion skins and stones and steamed. Old fashioned tie-dye. Great result.
This is silk wrapped round tins and rusty items and tied with elastic bands...then steamed. Just LOVE the results. Can you see a fish shape at the top/middle of this piece? Can see there will be some interesting embroidery going on here soon.
Steamed Silk, tie-dyed, using stones and white onion skins. Like the results.
Hoped you enjoyed these results..Night allxx  


  1. WOW--love the results of your experiments. I will be visiting often.

  2. thanks foir visiting and leaving a great commentx lynda

  3. Keep your eyes open for Berberis darwinii berries...tall bush with leaves resembling small holly. Has drupes of yellow flowers in spring. There are some quite big bushes around Golders Green. The berries make amazing dye - far more substantive than beetroot...

  4. thanks for that advice. India....will certainly keep my eyes openxx can see myself going off to Golders Green in Jan just to see if l can spy the bushes you are talking about. Once again thanks for the advice , guidance and support India, it is most welcome. I am having such fun with all this eco dyeing!x happy Christmas.

  5. Onions seem to make a wonderful have such a fine collection of silks and cottons!!!

    Lots of Love and Joy to you and to our planet Lynda...Enjoy Enjoy your Christmas
    Looking forward to more inspiration and sharing in the New Year!
    All the best to you and yours!