Saturday, December 4, 2010

More happy deying experiments!

My two containers full of water and salt to try and "rust" different metals ect.

 This bundle is Sage leaves.
 This bundle is Parsley.
 This bundle is Fennel.
 Just unwrapped these bundles which have been steamed and left for 3 weeks.

 Can you see the rusted whisk that l wrapped up in this silk?
 This mark is an bottle top!
 These next bundles getting ready to be steamed are only same leaves or berries bundles because l am doing more detailed note-taking, you will be pleased to hear India!

 Doing some investigating on these..give you more info later, l hope.

I am now starting to decide what l am going to be using all these wonderful bits of material and paper for. I have SOOOOOOOO many ideas!!! Watch this space!

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