Sunday, December 26, 2010

A great giveaway at Alpha Stamps and my first piece of embroidery.

Just before l start showing you my embroidery...can you see the image of Alpha Stamps?
Well you must GO TO THEIR SITE..Why? because they have an amazing giveaway and they have amazing "stuff" in their shop! Oh..then come back here and carry on reading about "ME" of course!!

Here as promised last night, is my first piece of finished embroidered Eco Dyed material. The threads were also Eco dyed using leaves , rust, coffee and bark. I really am very pleased with this, even if l say so myself!

I have entitled it "Town and Country". 


  1. Wonderful dyeing here, I love slow cloth, & the hanging below!

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

  2. the combination of eco dyed cloth and threads is beautiful and the colours are so subtle. Lovely. I love the ideas you have for eco dyeing--things I have never thought of--can't wait to try them. Hope you don't mind.

  3. that last comment was by me, don't know why I'm a blank?

  4. That is what l love about this blogging buisness..we all share our experiments with each other. It is such an amazing thing when you find like minded people who you can chat to and share ideas.
    My friends are used to me using bright colours( see earlier blogs about my quilted wall hangings!) and find it very starange l am so subtle in my threads! I am having such funxxlynda

  5. Subtle colours, love their effect, must have a bash of including threads with my fabric stew pots too. Its very calming looking at your stitching.... almost healing in its way!