Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dyeing and todays snow!

Just before the snow came, Tony and l went down to the South Coast to visit my parents. While we were there l collected some seaweed, stones and shells to use in my dyeing experiments. 

 I need to find some iron to add to my dye in went my old doorstop!
 The witch's brews as my husband calls them. The yellow is chrysanthemums petals, the one next to it is a pepperment teabag, the one behind is tea, then there is the jar containing the water from a metal/rust boil and the last one is water from Eucalyptus dye.
 White onion dye.
 Some of the seaweeds l collected.

Seaweed experiments!
 Close up of the white onion mix soaking.
 Another berry (LILY) experiment wrap
 Turmeric boil.
 Through the steam..witch's brew!Ha

 More results and experimenting tomorrow. Also will show you some of my stitching......

Today's weather...l love snow! Happy Christmasxxx

 This odd "Henry Moore" influenced snowman was built by Tony with a little help from me...such funx


  1. I love the photographs of your dye pots; isn't there something magical about natural ingredients and a boiling pot? Can't wait to see the results.

  2. thanks India...there certainly is something magical about my boiling pots!I I had dissapointing result from seweed...dirty brown sort of colour but hey..can still use it and it is still a magical result. More experimengting required l think.x Thanks for the encouragment.lynda