Friday, December 10, 2010

presents and more dyeing results.

Look what arrived in the post today! My wonderfully talented friend in the States, Dayna sent me this amazing card and the most wonderful tin with magnets in. The card is from her "Fearless" painting series. The funny thing is l have some paintings just like this, that l did when l lived in Papua New Guinea. Great minds think alike!

This is where you can contact this amazing artist!
Off l go again experimenting...wonder what colour brussel sprouts might produce? Will show the results later.

I just love this flower pattern, which is on this canvas.
This image shows the marks that the rubber bands make, when you are steaming your bundles!
Love these shapes...can see all sorts of embroidery going on here!
This pattern and colour is from banana skins!
Metal and leaves......

 Love the patterns these leaves have left and the colour is great.

A few days ago l asked my local florist if she had any eucalyptus leaves and luckily she had. Here are the results after 24hrs drying...have some more bundles which l will leave longer, to see if there is any difference. Such an amazing colour! First image is the dull backside of a shiny silk.
 Tthis is the shiny so pleased with the results so far!!


  1. Brussel Sprouts who knew...tasty AND fab for dying fabrics!!!

    Love your gifties...and lucky you living in New Guinea...seems a rare opportunity

    Happy December weekend to you and yours

  2. One of these days l will tell you all about our time PNG...interesting, beautiful, scary b ut very exciting!Haxxlynda

  3. Just checked out all your have got some great results with an amazing range of dye stuffs....would never have thought of banana skins or sprouts! I love the magical uncertainty of this sort of dyeing....but need to start using more of the results instead of stockpiling them, even thought it is fun just to look and enjoy them. What will you be doing with yours?

  4. Great minds do think alike, Lynda, and I would love to see some of your faces one day. . . . your dyeing experiments are amazing!

  5. I intend and have already started to embrodier a piece..when happy will show you..promise. Also... Dayna will show you some of my faces..must take images firstxxx glad you are all enjoyiong my dying....l am so excited by what l am doingxxxlynda

  6. Hi Lynda, I've been trying to subscribe to this blog only, but Blogger keeps giving me an error messsage...when I tried through your "about me" page, the only option was to subscribe to all three of yours...Please could you check if the subscribe button on this blog is as it should be? Thanks, Sue McB