Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Dyeing experiments

Results of latest experiments
First image: green/brown is from seaweed that worked. The pale yellow is from white onion skins. The red marks on the brown silk are from beetroot dye.
 These colours are from white onion skins. Pale yellow is on silk and the other two are on 100% cotton.
 This is silk dyed in onion skins and beetroot pieces.
 This is silk soaked in teabag dye and wrapped with string round stones from the beach. Love this one.
This piece of silk was bundled with beetroot pieces, soaked in its own juice, rinsed and then redyed in teabag this one.

Beetroot and onion skins dyed silk and dyed thread.

This is a 100% white embroidered, mirrored, cotton Indian bedspread which needed just TOO much work done to it. l ripped it up and use it in my "slow" work. When it takes the dye it is amazing, as with this onion skin dye; the colour seem to make the thread  really shimmer. I also like the two colour contrast between the cloth and the embroidery.
 Once again onion skins on the same bedspread but a shorter dye time.
Isn't this dyeing lark amazing? I just love it all. Thanks India for moving me further along the "Dyeing" road than l was already travelling..
More tomorrow!

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