Thursday, December 2, 2010

New dyeing results.

Don't know how this will work out..but here goes!!!When it has been steamed and left for a week or so...will show you the results.
Next follow images of the bundles l have just opened...Christmas has come early!

 This image show the rusted metals l have started to use and what they have done to the silk.
 Another group of steamings.
Steaming that has just the waiting!  Not good at that but l am learning! This also shows the new large steamer l managed to buy in a charity shop for £8!
 My latest images on watercolour paper. Rather pleased with these two.

 The next two images of the latest batches waiting to be unwrapped! Wish l was better at that...waiting l mean!

Little bundles of colour waiting to be opened!


  1. Hello! I am wondering if you are the same Lynda I met through spirit free knits last year? We had connected as my daughter is studying to be an art therapist, and we have communicated a bit through facebook. If so, what a small world. If not, it was great to see your blog!!

  2. yes it is mexxxhow is your daughter getting on and how are you and your Art?xxsmall worldxlynda

  3. Oh, my goodness! I am loving all of your experiments. Banana peels yet. I am eyeing those bananas in my fruit bowl. Keep up all the wonderful fun work.