Monday, December 27, 2010

2 new pieces of embroidery on canvas.

More embroidery which l have started or finished earlier today. First is a piece of canvas and the threads, which were bundle dyed, wrapped round rusty cans and ecualyptus leaves and then wrapped with elastic bands . All was boiled and steamed in a liquid of tea for 1 hour, left to cool over night, then not opened for 3 weeks. I am getting better at not opening the bundles straight is not easy but well worth the wait!Ha!

This second piece is also canvas and boiled at the same time as the above piece. Although this piece was only wrapped round a patterned piece of metal.

 Here are some of my naturally dyed cotton and silk threads.
Just to say that these pieces of  canvas had been ripped of a larger piece of canvas,  that l was originally using as a table top cover. I wanted to see how canvas would take to dyeing and so as this was at got used! On some areas of the canvas, there is still some paint, as l am a very messy artist. I personally think this adds to the over all work rather than hinder. It is really all about recycling.

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  1. hi lynda, and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. i love your embroidered eco dyed pieces. i'm a big fan of plant-dyeing myself. have just done some yesterday - about to put a few pictures on my blog. wishing you lots more fun with your dyeing experiments! nicole.