Monday, December 13, 2010

My first piece of dyed clothing

A few weeks ago l decided to try and dye an item of clothing that had passed its best and play around with it. Well, my white(ish), long jacket needed to either be dyed or cut up and used in my Art work!!! It was NOT easy trying to roll eucalyptus leaves around sleeves, back and front, and trying at the same time to make sure they stay in place, while being wrapped...Nightmare! I did complete the task though; steamed it; and now, a few weeks later, here is the result. I am so pleased with it but l am now thinking of adding some embroidery. Will let you see the results when finished and ironed!

The next images are of the work l have just unwrapped. The first three are on silk and produced from fresh eucalptus leaves...tied and steamed. Really love the strong colour l achieved this time.

Crumpled because l have only just unwrapped and have not yet ironed it...pity actually because l rather like this presentation.

This silk has been dyed and steamed with red onion skins for one hour. Really love the way this piece of silk has turned out.


  1. you asked about seaweed
    the answer is yes
    beautiful colours
    but i expect seaweed on your side of the puddles might be different than mine? experiment?

  2. Thanks...have experimented but not very exciting results b ut will keep trying!

  3. love LOVE what you are doing!

    xox - eb.