Friday, December 31, 2010

My next batch of cotton and silks and a few Charity finds.

Here are my latest creations. This is just cotton bundled in rusty cans.
 This is  a rusty can and cranberry steamed bundle.
 This bundle was sweet potatoes and a rusty aluminum cans.
 This bundle was sweet potatoes, cranberries and rusty cans.

 This bundle was metal cans and cotton steamed. The white lines are from being wrapped up in elastic bands.

 Love the designs on this cotton. I find it amazing that rusty metal and eleastic bands can create this!

 I had some saffon which was out of date really, so decided to use it for dyeing. Wow..beautiful. Cotton and silk..the brighter colour is silk.
 The other night l split a bottle of blue ink and reached for a cloth....."light bulb" moment.....what would it dye like?  Quite well actually. My husband's comment was, " Only great, if it is not your husband's or  son's shirt"! Men what would you do with them!

Then again, last week, l had a small drop of green food dye left in ther bottle, not enough to use....would it dye? answer yes!!!! So rich and vibrant.
 The next piece was dyed using a few petal's from my pink and white orchid. Was really surprized l got a result but it is beautiful.
 This next piece of silk was first dyed in the orchid water and then tie-dyed in dye left from the metal dye.
 Silk wrapped round a stone, tied with elastic bands and then put in the old tea dye.
 Look what l managed to get today.....some more leaves.. You can guess what l will be doing tomorrow?
 I had a good day in the secondhand shops yesterday...5 deep picture boxes, a huge white cotton tablecloth, some silk material and some threads. I am so happy. Good start to the New Year tomorrow.
Happy New Year everyonex


  1. Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by my blog...

  2. Happy new year to you, too!Thanks for your kind words but we actually 'followed' each other about 30 followers back!Do you remember me telling you I used to live up Putney '82?!

    Anyway, I can't believe how busy you've been! I just got Eco Dying which I'm finding quite a tome, but I will work thru it - mainly because I have a huge Eucalyptus tree (hope it's the kind that releases it's dye)& was blown away by Indias leaf shapes on fabric & the serendipity of the swirls & colors, amazing. You inspire me to get on with it!

  3. What a stash of fabulous results youve achieved here! That 2nd piccy has a look of barbred wire dont you think, very clever that!!
    Did you crush your cans or wrap the fabrics round them as it were? Cracking results though and what smashing little shodow boxes too.
    I realised I hadnt used the bag of cranberry sauce my xmas lunch, its sat lookign at me in the fridge lol <<<<< dummy! But I just wonder if it will dye now Ive seen your fabrics......will let you know later!
    Im thrilled to find that the eucalyptus tree I bought and dug in out back in November, seems to have survived the far .... and I only bought it so I could leaf imprint with it.
    I did a trial steam with afew of the leaves to be sure it was the right type of tree Emma, so might be worth a try with just afew of its leaves.
    Happy New year to you and yours.

  4. I can see your new year will be filled with new experiments with dye and pattern!!

    happy happy

  5. Hi Emma...yes l do remember now, you saying you used to live in Putney...small world. I keep meeting people from ALL over the world who at one time have lived in Putney!Haxlynda

  6. Hi liniecat ..l sometimes wrap the fabric around a normal can other times l have crushed and pre-rusted a can and then use that flatterened! good luck with leaves and cranberries..let me know how it goesxxlynda