Monday, February 28, 2011

my Art work.

Thought l would show you some of the images Andrew took of my Art. Hope you like what you see.
Silk paintings.. Small house painting. No.1
Houses Large No.1
Death Masks.
Fish  No.1
Fish  No.2
Garden Angel
Noah's Ark!

No1 wall hanging
"Hurting". My response to a workshop l gave about Self Harming with some of my clients. It is created from reclaimed wood, found glass, gauze, acrylic and a thrown away syringe which had not been used!
This last image was taken last year..note blond hair ( now red!)..this statue is in Paddington Basin in Little Venice.


  1. wow! what a collection of work. I love the wall hanging and the quirky houses in the silk paintings :o)

  2. Very colourful silk painting. Thank you for the kind comments you left on my blog.

  3. Absolutely fabulous! Love the vibrancy of colours and those masks are captivating.
    Do you know I was convinced that this was your husband, and he was very tall or you were really petite. Am so glad hes not your man, cos this ones so blummin miserable looking and Id decided you deserved far better lolol :)

  4. Lynda, your silk paintings are Wow!! They are pretty awesome!
    BTW which color do you like best red or blonde?

  5. I like being blond when l am suntanned but at present enjoy being red cat!! Thank you everyone for such lovely commentsslynda

  6. You are SO cute, Lynda. Love the photo of you, especially love your silk paintings, especially the ones of the little houses (I'm addicted to house imagery).