Monday, March 7, 2011

some art chatter!

This is my next page for the Round Robin journal l am invoved is over 13 months. This is for the journal entitled Fairy Tales, Folk Tales etc. My image is about The frog and The Ant Fable.

This is my latest dyeing experiments...The top left image is part of an old, white cotton shirt (found in Charity Shop) l took apart and has been dyed in Tea. The left hand piece is another piece of the shirt and was dyed with yellow onion skins and the last piece is a piece of silk dyed in Cranberries.
Daffodils in jar waiting to see if they colour the water....looks promising.
An avocado skin..l am told it produces a pink colour...will just have to wait and see.
Crocuses ..will they turn the water purple from the petals or yellow from the stamens?

Found these yesterday...why l here you ask? Well...l read the other day that you can make your own alchol sprays! So ...take the felt tubes out of these pens and stick them in pure alchol..wait until you get the strength of colour you want, then decant into spay bottles. A cheap way to have good alchol ink sprays!! Will let you know how it goes.
Found this beautiful evening bag in a Charity shop for a few pounds...l was so lucky. Have not decided yet what l am going to do with it. At present it is hanging up in my studio looking beautiful and making me smile when ever l look at it.
More fun tomorrow!


  1. Id keep that bag just to fondle and smile at lol its lovely! Love the journal page, some one will be lucky to receive this entry from you for sure. Will be interesting to see how you go with the crocuses and daffies too, wouldnt have thought about trying them...but am I brave enough to go and dead head afew off a central reservation near here? Maybe Id best not lol
    That cranberry shade is delish and hadnt heard of using the felt tips that way.........must see how you go with them, sounds like a fun experiment!
    Was convinced I was following you already and been thinking you hadnt posted for ages, but I cant have clicked to follow afterall...I blame iether the wine at the time or maybe the dogs for needing to go out and breaking my thought patterns!

  2. I love seeing your experiments in dyeing, and I can tell you that avacado skins do dye pink! A nice dusty rose sort of pink.

  3. Really like all the dye experiments you have here. I've had good luck with avocado pits dyeing fabric pink...

  4. Hi Lynda thanks for the comments on my latest post on my blog. I have looked at your blog and I can see we have similar interests. Making art and dying and a bit of fiber interests too.... I love love love making walnut ink and I love texture and creating in general. I'll be back to peek at your work .. and feel free to stop over at my blog again. :) Love your work !!

  5. Lynda I have only just noticed you have this blog and we must have so much in common it is fun experimenting with the dyes from nature. When I was a young girl my mother used to dye and spin her own wool and the colours were wonderful all from nature.After seeing your artwork which is wonderful I want to thank you for all the supportive comments you write on my blog.By the way are you using pure alchohol from the chemist or something from the cupboard for the ink .

  6. what a super round robin that must be...your pages are lovely Lynda!

    fun seeing the jars of possibility!

    and that purse certainly was too good to pass up!

    hope you are feeling much much better VERY soon!
    take care my friend

  7. Journal layout is stunning! Love the jars of dye.

  8. if you want red from avocado skins then adding a little alkali [ie ash] is the answer

  9. thanks for that info Indiax
    thank you everyone for your kind wordsx
    hi my wonderful friend tin can.....if l could find pure alchol, l will let you know the results. Every chemist l asks says...we can't get it anymore because people kept buying it to drink!!!!
    xx lyndax