Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wrapped bundles and some things that inspire me.

Still there!..and l am still waiting!

This is not my usual sort of blog about my Art work but l thought l would show you some of the things that inspire me.
Isn't this an interesting design? It is outside the toilet in the Supermarket near my son's house. I watched people going in and out of the toilet and each person who looked at it... smiled!

I found this on our last walk in was so beautiful but fragile. I took an image just in case l crushed it on the way home....and l did! Before it goes to this skeleton it is bright orange and l think it is called a Cape Gooseberry/Chinese lantern.

Dew drops on the leaves make plants look even more beautiful than usual, l think.
Can you see the fly(?) on the leaf?
Not sure what these plants are called but they are beautiful and l just love the colour, so deep and rich. I have to admit they do look a bit erotic in shape! Ha!

I know this is a weed, spikey and not particulally beautiful but, with the rain drops and the sun shining on it, it sparkles like a jewel.
I love the colours of this lichen on these twigs.

So often we miss what is below our feet, when we go for a walk. We are so interested in the woods or parks around us or looking up into the sky. Just once in a while look down and see what is under your feet.  There can sometimes be quite a little world down there that is beautiful, often colourful and always full of texture.

I think this is a Rosehip of some sort that has dried out but is still on the tree. How can something so shrivelled be so beautiful at the same time? Maybe it is the colour that attracts me.
As many of you know l collect feathers but l left this one where it was because it just looked so beautiful where it was, it seemed a shame to disturb it.
This feather came from a swan and was SO white you couldn't fail to notice it from quite a distance away.
I have been surprised how many different sorts of snowdrops there are around these days. These were a few l found on the edge of a pond.

There is so much more that inspires me but this is a good start.


  1. Hi Lynda
    India is a great teacher I get another day with her tomorrow. thanks for visiting my blog

  2. Your post is wonderful I love seeing all the little details that make up an artist. You have a talent for seeing beauty.