Thursday, March 24, 2011

An amazing present and the latest dyeing!

As some of you know (read last blog!) l have had a difficult day or two lately but today a parcel arrived . My gorgeous friend Dayna in the States, sent me a wonderful parcel full of bits of glass from The Glass Beach she visited on her holiday. The image below is just one of the bags and there are 3 more. THANK YOU SO MUCH DAYNA. XXXXXX

I also had a wonderful "bundle" opening session today too. I am SO pleased with the last batch of dyeing. Most of it is wool but one piece is silk. they are all dyed with the small Eucalyptus leaf.

This is the piece of silk.

To enable me to re-do all my Silk Painting for this up coming exhibition, Tony has taken over the house and the cooking. Bless himx

I have been painting to the chines of this beautiful glass wind chime.

These are the last of that wool batch l have just opened.

This batch of dyeing and the wonderful glass from Dayna has made my day.


  1. hated reading about the loss of bag and all...such a seem to take things so well...onward and upward

    letting creativity fill any bad spaces

    wonderful pieces and always such interesting concoctions...must smell good too!

    happy weekend and BIG congrats on your upcoming shows...that is SO exciting

    lovely glass bits too ... your mailbox always has something fun arriving!

  2. Yes you do sound positive! You've got a great DH there, too ;)

    I've just pruned a straggly too tall bit of my eucalyptus - lots of beautiful leaves - so this weekend I AM going to get India Flint's book out & dye!Your work is inspiring.

  3. Congratulations on the good news .... And I'm sorry for the bad news of the lost bag!! Argh!

    I love the picture of Tony behind the oven door .... Bless his heart!

    Your fabrics are sumptuous!

  4. thanks everyone for your good vibes. And yes l do realise l have a man in a million but don't tell him, he might get big headed!Haxxxxxlynda