Monday, February 14, 2011

Dyeing, flowers and silk-painting.

Blueberry Eco dye..2nd attempt to get colour. This time took bundle out of pot as normal, but didn't wash bits of blueberries off it before drying, as l did before. I lost all the colour by washing it straight away. Then when dried, left it for 3 weeks, opened it then brushed blueberries off, which were dried and just fell off. Love this colour. Have washed since and colour still intact.

Next Eco collection really to be sorted and bundled! So exciting.
 A beautifully laid floor in my Art studio. Thank you Tony for a wonderful Valentine's Day presentxx
I had not realised until this year that this beautiful flower is from the Quince bush......and l think l am observant!!! I wonder how it will dye? Have to go and do some more experimenting..yippee!

I have been taking some images with an idea about textures and fabric. These are two of tthe images , rather like them.

I love this purple colour...will have to do some research into how this will dye. Have some notes on this some where....!
Silk-painting.....Some times a mistake can be made to be something else....have to think about this one!


  1. Happy Valentines Lynda, thanks for your visits and comments.
    I love all your experiments going on and getting to see the results. Oh yes what a nice floor, what a nice hubby.
    Also you ask about the tins they will be made into some necklaces. Have a great day!

  2. Nice floor! Way to go, Tony. . . . I love that whenever you see flowers or fruit, your first thought is how you can use them to dye fabric.

  3. Ha..l think Tony is getting a little fed up with everything l see l say," Oh l wonder if that would dye?" and "can l put these in your "man" bag?"! Ha!. he thought it was bad enough when l pick up "junk" from the road side..poor guy! Hax