Monday, February 7, 2011

Silk, eco dyeing and wooden floors!

On our way up to our son and daughter-in-law's house, we stopped off at ART VAN GO
the studios
1 stevenage road
hertfordshire sg3 6an
tel: +44 (0)1438 814946
fax: +44 (0)1438 816267
how to get to the studios
What an amazing place and such lovely people to shop with. They were very helpful and patient with me and even offered my long suffering husband a cup of coffee! I spent some money but l enjoyed every moment of it. They also have a great gallery and a good workshop area. If you live near, go visit and have fun. They also have a loyalty card, which is a great bonus.
Here is the silk l bought. I couldn't have the amount l wanted but they very kindly sold me half of what I wanted after explaining they have trouble getting silk supplies at the moment. Apparently, the principle source has been rural production in China where the village people are increasingly migrating into towns and cities lured by financial opportunities. Silk prices are going up 25% to reflect this supply situation... phew!!!

As many of you may remember, l am having trouble holding my gutta container because of some arthritis in my fingers. Look what l found...problem solved. (Well, it will be once l have learned to use it.)

I also needed some new silk paints...such gorgeous colours.

Also found these cute buttons for my wall hangings.
While we were up in Rutland, we also visited Gemma's Aunt, who lives near by and keeps chickens. She gave us some fresh eggs to take home with us. Yummy! Sadly, the hen that normally produces blue eggs is not laying at the moment.

Here are some of her chickens..aren't they gorgeous?

We also visited some old Dubai friends and look what l was given.....! My friend got a bundle of french lace and bits and pieces from ebay. Very kindly she gave me this bundle. Isn't it gorgeous?

When we got home l was greeted with having been left in a dye bath of Blood Orange. Beautiful blue isn't it?

These are the marks the mould left after it had been scaped off the silk.! Colour no good but hey you can't always get it right with Eco dyeing! That's half the fun in my books.

This is the first "unwrapping" of the Blood Orange dye. I am leaving the others for a bit longer until they are really dry. I am so impatient.
Here they are "resting" as they say!
I am experimenting with orange peel. I will let you know the results later.
Blueberries experiments. Some just blueberries, some with rusty can and one with an iron nail added.

My Art room is under seige! The carpet has been ripped up and we are laying down a wooden floor.

The rest of the flat is in chaos!
These are the boards and the underlay waiting to go down. If we survive..will see you all tomorrow!!! Ha


  1. Oh, Lynda. What a lovely post! The silk is fantastic, especially the silk your friend gave you. The photographs of the eggs and the chickens are stunning. And how very exciting to be renovating your studio!!

  2. Hi!
    Thanks so very, very much for the comments you've left on my blog! I love what you are doing with the silk painting. Your work is so colorful and happy.

  3. Thank you Dayna for your comments..very excited about my "very small but never the less l have one" studio!Ha thought you would like the chickens.
    Hi Susan, thanks for your lovely comment. I have visited your site for ages and love your wonderful colourful Art. lynda

  4. your silk is gorgeous!!! i love it! i've been doing quite a bit of eco dying lately too, and i've found that adding anti-funglal essential oils helps a TON. i've still got some turmeric dye i made about 7 months ago and it's mold free. the best are tea tree, lavender and peppermint -- i do a bit of a blend and it makes the fabric or paper i dye smell so yummy too.

    gemma's aunt's chickens are gorgeous too. :) we're building a coop right now and about to get three to start, then 3 more in spring. yay for chicken keeping! :)

    have a fantastic day!!


  5. great post, wonderful shopping, love the patterns and colours of the chickens. Hope you survive the chaos and enjoy the new studio.

  6. thanks everyone for lovely comments and the advice from Aliciax We have survived the floor laying and photo's will be displayed tomorrow,. my husband has done a great job considering he is not the world's best DIY man.xlynda