Friday, February 25, 2011

New dyeing experiments.

Here are some more results of my dyeing experiments. These pieces of silk were dyed with Raspberry Tea. 
 More materials dyed with Raspberry Tea. This time a piece of old French silk that had been dyed first in
 onion skins and orange peel. I was not happy about that colour, so l redyed it. This time l am very happy with the results. The other pieces are silk and it always surprises me how each piece absorbs the dye so differently.
 The next images are of more pieces of silk that have been dyed with yellow onion skins.
The image below of an old handkerchief was first dyed with onion skins but looked so dull, so l did a second dye with the Raspberry Tea. Really like this result.
The next image is of a piece of silk, a piece of lace and a piece of thick, embroiderd cotton which were all dyed in Blueberries. Not as good as l hoped but l am doing some more experimenting... so watch this space!
 The image below shows some cotton thread which was dyed in Raspberry Tea. The image actually doesn't do it justice. The thread is actually loads of different shades of pink....very pretty.


  1. What fabulous colours, you've given me the urge to start dying again.

  2. I love your experiments. I'm going to try this while I'm in Wales.

  3. I Love your dye work, especially the raspberry tea colour. What a wonderful combination of colours has come up on my monitor. Beautiful.

  4. The blueberry fabric looks almost sepia to me, quite like it as it is, great results here again.