Friday, July 22, 2011

Went for a walk the other day and here is my collection of "Windfalls" collected. I am having so much fun!

Ragwort..beautiful colour..dangerous for horses and cattle to eat but l hope produces a wonderful colour ( which l hope l will see when l undo my latest bundles!)

 Oh look a cauldron!!! I really wish l could have afforded this £200 Victorian Cauldron....see the rust...sigh!
 More rust but l would have to have a larger house to cope with all this rust l am finding and wishing for!!! Ha!
 I have been looking for ages for a Olive Tree and look l have found one that is 200 years old!!!
On my walk yesterday l found so many fungi. I have decided that mushrooms/fungi are to dangerous to play about with when you have no proper knowledge and don't want to spent time learning!

 When we got home l found this on our porch. It is so furry..gorgeous!
The following images are the sort l take for reference when thinking about creating my embroidery. 

 I do so love Eco-dyeing......

Am opening the next bundles tomorrrow....yippeeeeeeeeee!


  1. I certainly do enjoy your nature finds and photos and imagine your kitchen a wonderful and exciting place to be ... never know what's coming out of your magic dye pot!

    I would be leary of boiling mushrooms and what you would end up inhaling....I too find them fascinating

    Hope you've had a lovely weekend and those were some very fine rusty bits ;)

  2. Lynda, there is a fabulous little pocket book on mushrooms and their identification. It even notes dye mushrooms and gives pictures. "All that the Rain Promises, and More..." author David Arora, pub.BioSystems Analysis/Ten Speed Press. It is fun, quick and easy to use.

  3. thank you friends for your support by visiting my blog and all the wonderful hintas etc you give me. xxlynda