Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This is the biggest piece of cotton l have Eco-dyed so far and am really pleased with it.
 Dyed with Ecuaylptus leaves.

 My wonderful model is my husband Tony! This is another white shirt dyed with Eucalyptus leaves only.
 This is the back of that shirt. Really love the designs created by wrapping. Have not decided if l am going to embroider this one or not.
 This is a soft cotton blouse dyed in the same dye bath and bundled together with Eucalyptus leaves, like the other items above.

Love the details on this blouse...very delicate just like the fabric itself.
This next piece is dyed with Eucalypus leaves and bits of beetroot. I felt this piece reminded me of the heat and colours of Papua New Guinea, where l once lived. I started to sew using a white thread and then realised actually l should do the whole piece in white. When l had finished it, or so l thought, it shouted at me.."I need red", when l have finished it l will show you.
 More magic being made in my dye pot!
 Bundles waiting to go into an Eucalyptus and yellow onion dye bath.
Small bundle wrapped round twig, waiting to be dyed.
 Some very old lace runners waiting to be dyed. Found a large box of these in a junk happy to find them.

 Eucalyptus leaves and bath brewing! can you smell it from there!!!? Ha
 More bundles waiting..these are some Blue Gum leaves found at The Britism Museum's Australia Display! Hope it may dye blue..fingers crossed!

Teabags having been used for a dye bath, now being dried so l can use the empty bags in my Art! ....nothing is ever wasted!
 Here are some of my finished embroiderd Eco-dyed pieces waiting to be ironed.


  1. Interesting blog post, lovely blouse! Fascinating work.

  2. more wonderful eco dying adventure results...what a long bit of fabric you have exciting along with the lovely ready to wear/embroider pieces!

  3. Fabulous pieces here & on the last post. (I'd like to have seen your helpful DH actually IN the shirt ;) Thanks for your kind comments re my twig - I love the variety of opinions! Any pics fom your eco exhibition? I;ll visit your other blog x

  4. always good to see a model with strong teeth!!

  5. Thanks for making me laugh Indiaxx