Monday, July 11, 2011

More eco-dyeing magic.

More Eco dying .

More dyeing, rusty paperclips and Eucalyptus leaves. Turned out much darker than l expected but love the effect.

Patterned sik in same dye bath would you believe?

This was a dull cream cotton in a weak dye wash with rust ... same dye wash as above!

This is a piece of canvas bundled with Eucalyptus leaves. love the effect.

The lovely model is my husband Tony! This piece is silk just tie dyed in the Eucalyptus dye bath.

This time the model is holding a piece of silk which has been dyed in a weak Eculyptus bath and tea.
See husbands can be useful sometimes! hax Tie-dyed canvas in tea-bath.

So much fun.

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