Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Exhibition = a new acquaintance

A while ago l had an exhibition in an Art Gallery in Putney. It consisted of some of my Silk paintings, a few Acrylic paintings and a few of my fabric Wall hangings.  I kept my Eco-dyed pieces for my next exhibition which was in a weeks time!! After the Exhibition l left a few of my Cards around as the owner liked my work. Yesterday l had a Facebook message from an Artist who had visited the exhibition and had taken one of my cards and contacted me. Now that is what l like about the Art World...friendship.


  1. Hi Lynda, I really like your intricate quilt up there! Nice meeting you!

  2. These are really lovely!


  3. Love that turtle one :) silk painting is so challenging!

  4. Hi!
    Love the eco dying! Congratulations on your exhibitions too ... and thanks for the comments on my blog. The old photos I rescued are for a future installation focusing on the loss of childhood dreams ... female children that is. So, I was wondering ... did/do little girls in England associate canopy beds with "happily ever after"? The main part of the installation will be a "canopy". Can you tell me what this means to you, culturally, socially, magically?

  5. of course l will Susan..will send you a email....just only seen this sorryxxx
    Thanks for your lovely comments everyonexx