Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh so many different kinds of Eucalyptus trees...more sewing!

Before l talk about my work, l want to talk about my visit today to an Art cafe in Tooting Broadway in one of the two indoor markets. An amazing place called  The Brick by Artists. They have a Facebook page and their web site is Am going to be helping them out on Saturday during their  Big Draw Event . Should be great fun, l am helping with making Mandala's and taking images for them.
 A monk has brushed away a quarter of the mandala into heaps of grey sand

 l am back to being more listening to unhelpful comments.....! Move on and back to being positive!!!
Started this evening doing experiments with the Eculyptus leaves l have collected . First name tree. I only have a small bunch of each, so l can see what each different tree/leaf does and then l know which ones l will be using in the future.

This is the colour after boiling for an hour! Should have collected more l am thinking!!!
Silk bundle with leaves inside and boiled for l hour.
 Next leaf l am trying is called Snow Gum.
 Begining my recording....yes me recording and in it's own book!
This is the colour after boiling the dye for 2 hours before the fabric is added.
 Mordanting fabric in just vinegar at present.
 Here are some results from my recent dying experiments. If you look carefully you will see some stitching in a flower shape!
 Love the dark patterns that clamps have made on this cotton piece.
Some interesting marks on here that l can add stitching and other decorations to.
This is a bit of the pattern from a linen jumper l dyed with Ecucalyptus is looking great l am pleased to say. I have yet to decorate it with stitching.
This next piece is a gorgeous piece of felted wool, dyed with Ecualyptus leaves bundled and boiled in the leaf dye.
This is a piece of  eco-dyed vintage top  ( saved the bits that were not rotten!)which l then embroiderd. I really enjoyed creating this.

 Bad image..grr...anyway all these buttons are found or selvaged from junk stalls and charity shops or given to me. I love buttons.

 Last but not least one of my "Happy Fish" silk painting.

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  1. This ia another person unable to sign on to this blog...ugh!

    Hi Lynda

    I've tried a couple of times over the past several days to post a comment on your blog but darn, for some reason I couldn't get it to work.

    So here's my comment for your most recent post: I love all of the dyed fabric that you've created. I especially like the leaves on the cotton. I too am a button fanatic -- one can never, ever have too many buttons or use them too often!