Wednesday, July 14, 2010

on going work!

Oops...can't believe how long it is since l blogged here..sorry! Anyway, l have been busy waxing and sewing....  I am hooked on both.
First some of the latest book covers and in-progress work. First image is of a finish piece that now has to been applied to the signatures of the book and a fastening exciting!

2nd finished piece!

A piece in progress.....
A finished wax piece.
A new wax piece named..HUNGER
And lastly a piece waiting to be waxed!


  1. HI there - just popped over to say hello, after you left a comment on my blog! I think you should teach workshops too! xMoyra

  2. thank youxlynda. Am thinking about it but not sure where to satart yet!?

  3. Hi Lynda~

    So nice to meet you! Thank you for stopping by my blog. The Postcard Stitch was fun, wasn't it?? And it keeps on giving :)

    I'd love to answer your question but I'm not sure what the picture taker image you're referring to is. Is it the pix with my hand holding the heart rock?

    I love your blogs and am now a follower of you!

  4. Lynda, that journal cover is coming together very beautifully. your waxed pieces are very interesting collages.
    my favourite have to be the birds and the birdhouse with that 'sayings' even thou' its not 'waxed' yet! hee...
    show us once you've waxed it yeah. i would love to see the 'finished' look.
    TFS;) July

  5. Hi Lynda,
    I am a fellow art journaler over from Kellie's class ALMBH....I love your attitude of being creative brings such joy and really, who doesn't have room for a little joy on a daily basis?

    I am using Kellie's class as motivation for doing he same thing you are doing every day. So far, I'm succeeding. I haven't missed a day.

    So happy to meet you! I will stop by often.