Monday, March 29, 2010

Ruby Tueday image for 29.03.2010


This is my image for the Ruby Tuesday challenge. It has taken ALL day,  to download this image. Think there was something wrong with the blog today! Very frustrating but at least l have managed it now!
I saw this sticker stuck to the concreate floor, in a tube station and it made me laugh. I got told off for taking it, by a very large, scary and nasty looking Station Officer. I don't think he believed me, when l told him it was for a red photographic challenge. He just looked at me, told me it was illegal to take images within the station and would l leave NOW!!!! I left but with my image!Ha


  1. blogger has been acting up all day for a lot of people

    it's a great shot
    I've gotten into trouble for taking photos everywhere too :)

  2. Oh I thought it was only my connection.

    Nice signage..

    My Ruby Tuesday

  3. we're not allowed to take photos in stations in melbourne, australia but i haven't been asked to stop yet. gorgeous photo for red ... you had to take it.

    My ruby goodness

  4. Yes, my blog had problems to later in the day, all my images were gone, even my header. But I think it was a problem with google and now it is fixed.
    The picture is lovely.;)
    Thank you for your kind comments yesterday, even on my old post.;)

  5. LOL! at least u got it! nice capture :)

    oh been having that issue too. bloggers been busy!

    u may view mine here

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