Thursday, March 18, 2010

More challenges and experimenting in my black journal!

I have just bought a black card journal and am experimenting with it. After collaging with tissue paper, as you can see in the image below.

l am now experimenting with silver pen! See the following images. Below is the front cover of the actual journal..
The next image is my first experiment on a full double page.
The left-hand side is all about words and snail mail ( Postal service!)! In other words, get better connected and write letters, not just sending emails! I love the post coming through the letter box. I think it is also because of most of the places we lived in, we had to go and collect our post from PO boxes! The only problems now, is that most of the stuff that comes through the letterbox these days, is either junk mail or bills! Must get more involved in Mail Art!
The right-hand side is me doodling words, snail mail and my Art!
This next double page, is me experimenting with my dooddles as well as my words!
This right hand side is all about writing...just write. Doesn't matter what you write, just let it one needs to see it or read if you don't want to! This journal page is about write and write and write, then when you have got to the point that, what you are writing about, doesn't hurt anymore....! Make a shrine from paper or cardboard and paint it. Put all your writing, or burnt writing, into it...take it out into the garden/woods, set fire to iot and feel free!

The second page of this last double spread, is about "What makes me..."? One page is about being happy, the other is about what makes me angry.
The whole idea of journalling, in my view is write what you feel, doesn't really matter if it makes sense. Sometimes you can write for 20 mins or more and have no idea what you have written, it just seems to have to come out. That sort of journalling l do in private. The stuff that is on here, is my writing and art work, that l feel l don't mind showing! It is sort of journalling that helps me to be happy and also helps others see journalling can be fun! This public Journalling and Art is an amazing combination......really relaxes me and get my worries and my need to create out in the open. Bliss!


  1. I LOVE this journal!!! I'm not sure if you've ever been into Scrapbooking, but "doodling" is the Big thing, and has been for a while...I can't do it, but so envy those that can...and WOW, you really captured it!!! Wish I could grab a couple of your pages for a fun, funky scrapping page!! LOL

  2. WOW! This is fabulous. The silver pen is wonderful looking.

  3. cool! love the flower drawings and especially your design in the last photo!