Sunday, January 17, 2010

Got the bug now!

Now l find journalling a lot easier because l have set out my craft table with everything around me, at arms length. Also l have taken them out of the drawers and cupboards and put them into see through plastic boxes! At hand and l can see them all..great.
The next page l cradfted was all about giving. Over Christmas l saw so much "crap"!! and no thought put into the presents given. In my family we take time thinking about each present we give and why are we giving it. Also my children spend time and effort of the wrapping as well. When they were little, we used to make our own paper from newspaper and gold paint and a few star stencils. We also made our own presents as well. We made such things as decorative biscuits, note books from recycled paer, and so on. We didn't realise it at the time but we were the start of the recycling craze!Ha!!
Anyway, l thought that maybe l need to make a page to remind myself to think about giving and not just at Christmas. I think l am going to start to send small handmade gifts to people just ..because l can.

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