Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Childlike images.

For the last 3 months or so, l have been having really bad nights because l am not sleeping...come 5am and l cannot sleep.. ..very weird! Hence during the day l am so tired and fight to stay awake, not good when you are trying to work as well. Anyway, the other night or should l say morning, l got up and decided to do a journal spread about being awake, tired, cross, dizzy, angry, frustrated, lonely and so on. I did the writing and the sheep (Counting sheep does NOT work, cuddly as they are!) very quickly and realised it was very childlike. I even painted it with a childlike movement. I didn't really realise this until l had almost finished. I don't particually like this image but  in a way, l have done my own Art Threapy session at 4am in the morning! "Therapist heal thyself" comes to mind! Ha!

As you can see from this image , l am not a tidy worker! but l enjoy making a mess! Perhaps that's why my family say l really only 4 years old!!!!

As you maybe able to see, l wrote a lot about how l felt and how sleep wouldn't come and why people take sleeping tablets and get addicted to them! It would be sooooooo easy, especially as l have an additive personality! Then l decided, actually there were certain words that stood out and l found myself putting them inside circles..almost like thought bubbles, without really thinking about it!

This is just a closer view of some of the words you can still see.
The whole process of creating this was very theraputic and l hope it will help people to see Art Therapy is not how good your Art is, its the process that counts.

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