Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bits and pieces.

Today's blog is a mixed bag. The first image is of an amazing give away that l have just won. I was so excited as l have never won a give away before. It is from an amazing artist called Carla and her blog is

For the last few weeks l have found l am drawing randomingly every night in my large sketch book. There seems to be so much l want to draw these days. So as not to over burdon you with ALL my doodling, l have just put two images up tonight.
The first one is one l have named happiness trees, although the one on the far right looks like a ship in full sail mode!!! I had no idea what l was drawing until l had finished...l have never drawn like this before...!
This next image shows, l think, how living in Papaua New Guinea for 3 years had an effect on me!
This next image is me trying out some new them.
Yesterday l found a shop (Tikki in Kew)that has the most amazing materials in it, it is dedicated to Patchwork and Quilting. I had a hard time choosing what l wanted within the money l had allowed myself but l managed it..just!!
This is one of the hanging l have finished, apart from the hanging tabs. I am having so much fun with these.


  1. your sketches are wonderful and I love your stitched piece, just fabulous!!

  2. Yes, Lynda, you pack a lot in a blog post. I want to comment on everything, but with my short term memory loss going on, it's hard to remember everything! Congratulations on winning the giveaway - I love the doll. Your happiness tree doodles are really fun, and I love your fabric hanging!!

  3. Your sketches are so interesting and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the wired doll and art quilt! I have had such fun here on your blog, Lynda. Thank you!

  4. I love your sketches of happiness trees :)
    and your patchwork quilt is just amazing!