Monday, April 12, 2010

Ruby Tueday image for 12.04.2010

Ruby Tuesday Image.

Red telephone box and re postbox in the Historial Town of Stanford in Linconshire, UK.  It is VERY unusal in England, to see a telephone box, postbox and a clock together ! So l instantly thought of Ruby Tueasday!


  1. No franked mail on that one, eh? So few of my friends at home understand Mornington Crescent... thanks!

  2. This is the look of the past, indeed a time where cell phones and e-mail almost renders these ruby treats obsolete. Yet old so often means charm, and these are wonderfully charming here!

  3. Beautiful examples of items from a time almost forgotten.
    When I first came to London, the summer of -69, the postboxes a telephone boxes were seen all over the city. Last time I was there, I bought a miniature telephone box with tea in it.
    Not a very good one either.
    Good to see the real things "live" and not only for display.

  4. The minute the photo popped onto my screen I knew you must be from England. Very cool!

  5. A quintessential Ruby Tuesday shot. Nice catch.

    To answer your question, I was in Dublin on vacation the week before last over Passover (and Easter weekend).

  6. great ruby telly booth, I love seeing them.
    My Ruby Link for you

  7. that is the money shot i was looking for as i travelled around the uk and never found. lucky you.

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