Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This blog is MOVING. WHY l hear you say...well.....I am moving this blog over to my other blog  because l am having such trouble with people being unable to follow or subscribe to this blog. Enough is enough!! So l am going to be using my other blog....
and hope that this is better, if not...l will change provider!!! Please follow me from here and hope to see you on the other blog very soonxxlynda
Some of the Art that l create.x 


Monday, October 10, 2011

my "won" give-away and my embroidery "stuff"

I was such a lucky girl last week..l received my free give-away from Lorna of
I was expecting just a bee is beautiful. I have worn it a few times and had lots of nice comments Lornax 
What l had not expected was this gorgeous necklace that came with it. It is so me Lorna!xx
Here is my newest, finished piece of Eco-dyed and embroidered rescued fabric. I found this tatty piece of what they now call "Vintage"cloth in the Oxfam £2 box. I think it is part of an old boddice. So l bundled and dyed it with Eucalyptus leaves and then decorated it. It was a bit bigger than this to start but l cut all the fragile, unmendable bits away.

 This is my next work in progress. It is an old lace tray cloth, dyed with Eucyalpyus leaves and l have started to embroider it. I can save it even though it is very fragile!

 I have just finished 2 more felt bags..will show you tomorrow. I am so enjoying myself.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Big Draw Event at The Brick Box.

Today l helped out at The Brick Box Art Cafe in Tooting, where they were part of The Big Draw month. This included mono printing, colouring in or drawing your own Mandala and making  Mandala's on the floor with coloured lentils and pasta. Here are some of the images l took for the event. The first image is of the area infront of the cafe.

  Preparartion in progress for the Mono printing section.
 Getting started...firstly trying to open tin!!!
Then inking up the area. The surface we used was a large piece of glass, that is easily cleaned with soap and water at the end of the session.

 6 places marked out... all we need now are some children or adults who want to play!
 First interested clients! "What do we do"? Having the process explained to them.
Hooked.......Paper down and the mark making starts. They are holding the paper down with a skewer and making marks with their other hand.
Some prints they are happy with..others are going straight into the bin!!

 A print she is pleased with and this goes on the washing line to dry for a while.

Prints drying in the window. 
Rolling out the ink again before next print is made.

This young man really loved Mono printing and kept coming back for more. He then told me that he never knew that thumping a pencil end onto the paper to make circle marks was sooooo addictive!
The young lady who did this, was so careful while she was creating it. She was also very happy with the end result.
 Another use for toothbrushes...who'd have thought it!
Just love this image...has so much character in it.
 Another one of my prints. When it was quiet, l would print to encourage people to come and always worked luckily!
 Trying to make sure his letters were the right way round, once printed.He tried and tried and eventually got it right. One very happy and proud young he should be in my view.

My usual "mirror" image portrait taken in the Ladies loo in the Market.

 My un-named drink........!It is lemonade promise.

A three year old using a pencil to draw on her paper...she was so cute. She had very good hand to eye control.
End result...."my mummy dressed with a smiling dinasoor"!
One of my prints
Sponges being used to draw round.
More mark making in progress.

Coloured tissue paper being laid down to make more colourful patterns, then laid over the inked paper to make more interesting marks. That is what Mono printing is all about...mark making. 

One of my prints using tissue paper first, then inked and mark making.
 Enjoyment in progress.

 Now over to the Mandala table. Lots of colouring going on with children and their parents. Not sure who was having more fun!

Learning how to use a compass......
The area being set-up for the Mandala to be projected onto the floor. works.

It starts to take shape!

 I had such a great day.